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"Shooting in the Dark-How Computer Software Can Improve The Quality of Government Policies" The Engineering Economist (Spring, 1995)
"Tools for Resolving Community Opposition to Public Projects" Real Estate Review (Winter, 1995)  
Artificial Intelligence and Public Policy Analysis  
Valuation of Environmental Damages to Real Estate  
International Real Estate Investment and Political Risk  
Simultaneity Bias & Specification Error Resulting from the Omission of Socio Political Factors in Economic Models      
Cognitive Determinants of Human Capital Investments and Productivity  
Complexity, Change and Economic Analysis  
An Econometric Model of Political, Social and Econometric Change in Britain from 1895 to 1980      
The ACB Social Cost Benefit Analysis System, Manual and Description  
The New York City Economy and Real Estate Markets    
Sample Appraisal of Contaminated Real Estate    
A Meta Analysis of Influences Upon Property Values  
Balancing the Economy and the Environment in Developing the Long Beach Superblock  
Determinants of the Pressure to Redistribute Income