Suppose your state established a program to increase funding for waste minimization on the next ballot. If it cost your household each year in additional taxes to reduce by 25% your risk of premature death from heavy metals would you vote for the program

Yes No

Range $5 for 25% risk cut to $600 for 75% risk cut

Pierre duVair and John Loomis "Household's Valuation of Alternative Levels of Hazardous Waste Risk Reductions: An Application of the Referendum Format Contingent Valuation Method" Journal of Environmental Management (1993) Volume 39 pages 143-155

If the following type of facility [recycling center, transfer station, ash landfill, waste-to-energy plant (garbage burning plant)] were located [1, 5, 20 miles] from where you live, how would you feel?

Strongly Oppose Strongly Support
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Douglas J. Lober and Donald Phillip Green "NIMBY or NIABY: A Logit Model of Opposition to Solid -Waste-Disposal Facility Siting" Journal of Environmental Management (1994) Volume 40 pages 33-50