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The Land and Resource Economics Network (a.k.a. RESECON) is an on-line community of academics, professionals, and others with an interest in the economics of land and other natural resources. With representives in many government agencies and non-government organizations concerned with the management of public resources, individuals in private industry and consultancies, as well as the major natural resources schools across the globe, RESECON can put you in touch with current research on the latest issues. 

RESECON is maintained by Jeffrey Lazo at: In order to subscribe to the list, send the following message: SUBSCRIBE RESECON firstname lastname to:


New Economics Papers: Environmental Economics


STATE-ECON is a self-moderated list designed to foster discussion among state analysts (and other interested individuals) involved in the conduct of economic analysis of environmental rules. Possible topics for discussion include (but are in no way limited to) the following:

Questions on the design and establishment of a state program to conduct economic analysis of environmental rules.

Requests for advice and information on the conduct of particular economic analyses of environmental rulemakings. (Please keep in mind that information requests should not replace basic background research and analysis.)

Questions on the legislative mandates to conduct economic analysis in other states.

Announcements of information on tools or data relevant to conducting an economic analysis.

Announcements of conferences or special events of interest to the group.

Announcements of newsletters or articles of interest to the group.

Requests for individuals willing to peer review analyses to be subject to judicial review or otherwise particularly important.

Please note that "Commercial" postings that contain no value-added content are not appropriate.

To JOIN the group send the following command in the message text:
STATE-ECON firstname lastname

If you have difficulties signing on, send the command "help" to the listserver. If you still cannot resolve the problem, you should contact either one of the owners of the list. Jenny Weinberger
Policy Analyst
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Bill Shobe
Senior Economic Analyst
Virginia Department of Planning and Budget


The ResRurEcon email list is a proposition to constitute a communication network among actors of research, education and development in northern and southern countries concerned with local economics of rural natural resources.

The purpose is to share information about prospective or actual research, field collected datas, bibliographic references (books, journals), scientific events (congress, workshop, conference), and proposals to publication.

The list covers basic research on rural societies and ecological sphere of southern countries, this network focuses on a field yet relatively bad studied. It investigate on local economics specially concerned with actors, natural resources and continental spaces. The main question is that of legitimacy, of logics of assignment and allocation of resources by rural societies.

Centered on appraisal and knowledge of phenomena and dynamics at the local scale (the one of the individual actor in his familial group up to these of regional collectivities and organizations), its thematic scope surrounds different research fields of rural sciences (sociology, economy, anthropology, geography). It borrows from and is close to various fields of economics of institutions, of natural resources, of environment, ecological economics, rural economics, agricultural economics, etc. ResRurEcon email list is logged at CNUSC is registered in the scientific domain of Francopholistes, a service of the French Comité Réseau des Universités. Administrator: Montpellier, 20/04/98





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